Kenting Uplifted Coral Reefs Nature Reserve



Date of Proclamation January 10th, 1994
Size of Area (ha) 137.625
Primary Object for Protection Specific ecosystem of mountainous barrier reef.
Scope of Administration Kenting Barrier Reefs Zone 3.
Authority in-charge-of Forestry Bureau – Council of Agriculture – Executive Yuan

Genesis Background

Near She-Ding [Hengchun Town] stands a natural barrier reef forest. It is the only mountainous barrier reef ecosystem in Taiwan. They are coral reef rocks rising in great numbers in the form of limestone, hidden in caves near the coastal line. They have extremely important academic research value.

This district lies within the boundaries of Kenting National Park, and it is also an experimental forest under the jurisdiction of the aforementioned office. However, being close to Kenting National Park, it enjoys a great influx of tourists giving rise to necessary preservation measures. Located near livestock farms, many animals usually stray into it. Add to all this, the invasion of wild vegetation and plants create a serious threat for the natural barrier reefs.

Thus, the Council of Agriculture announced a government communiqué in January 1994 establishing the Kenting Mountainous Barrier Reefs Natural Reservation Zone, in order to conserve this particular ecosystem.

Geographical Position

The area lies on Longitude 120°48’and Latitude 58°20’; total parameter covers 137.625 hectares, all within the jurisdiction of the aforementioned office.

Natural Environment

  • Temperature:Annual average 25.6°C; lowest temperature in January, average 20.4°C and all the way up to 27.8°C in July; no significant barometric variances throughout the year.
  • Rainfall:Annual rainfall 2,200mm, condensed from May-October; drought season from November-April, rainfall is only 10% of annual total.
  • Height above sea level:200~300 meters.

Animal and Vegetation

Being the only well preserved mountainous barrier reef in Taiwan, its vegetation include: forget-me-not trees, rhizome, white teak, red firewood, persimmon, etc. According to the “International Union for the Conservation of Nature – IUCN” standards, rare vegetations include::
  • On the brink of extinctio: Ivory, birthwort and bushy persimmon.
  • Very scarce:Chinese honey locust, Ryuku wild grain stem, persimmon cornel, Hengchun twine.
Animal species include: Yellow Phoenix Butterfly [on the brink of extinction], the vegetarian Birthwort [near the docks]; there have also been rare appearances of wild Taiwanese macaque and goat, etc.

Current Situation and Suggestions

There have been serious devastation and rampant pillaging mainly of Ivory trees and Chee-Li-Shian [tangerine trees] and corals. It is “too ideally” situated near roadways and aboriginal tribes [for outward transportation of the booty]! Such illegal actions have brought about tremendous pressure on the authorities. The administering agency has already set up regular patrols and inspection twice weekly, plus a weekly random check. Special designated “patrol sign-in boxes” have been located at crucial sites, to guide the mountaineers. Research studies on the infestation of exterior biological life-forms and vegetation are also being done.

Traffic Conditions

Located in the Kenting National Park, reachable by following the hiker’s trail and into the twisting trail.


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