Lulinshan presents conservation success

Lulinshan presents conservation successSince the Lulinshan Major Wildlife Habitat was inaugurated in 2000, the Chiayi Forest District Office under the Forestry Bureau has been actively implementing management measures to better protect Lulinshan’s precious nature. To keep a record of Lulinshan’s conservation work, the district office even conducted a wildlife survey. So far, the office has kept track of 123 animal species, including 36 protected species like Taiwan black bear, hawk-eagle and Alishan salamander. This shows that Lulinshan is quite achieved in animal conservation. No wonder a wide range of precious wildlife have been found.

Remarkable wildlife
With two years of hard work, the Chiayi Forest District Office and a commissioned survey team collected numerous still images of rare wild animals, in addition to tens of thousands of hours of videos. Such animals include Taiwan black bears, Formosan serow and Formosan yellow-throated martens. In the videos are a mother bear meandering through a forest with her two baby bears—the curious little ones even try to touch the camera. There are also entire families of Formosan Reeve's muntjacs and Formosan serow, as well as a group of Formosan sambars finding food, fighting and taking mud baths. The district office staff was excited to see the images, because they prove that the otherwise hard-to-find animals do live in Lulishan. The vivid images bring Taiwan’s long official list of endangered animals to life. The animals aren’t just lifeless museum specimens. They are mankind’s lovely companions on the island of Taiwan.

Lulinshan’s past, present and future
The Chiayi Forest District Office is devoted to protecting wildlife and nature. The office’s patrol officers, despite hard work and potential danger, go across the mountains to make sure no forests or lands are being exploited, and that all animals thrive in primitive habits without threats from hunters. Let’s give these living beings a bright future by keeping Lulinshan a great place to love and live.
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