Oblong-leaved Eustigma shows its splendor again in nature reserve

Oblong-leaved Eustigma shows its splendor again in nature reserveWhile carrying out monitoring work of indicator flora and fauna species in March, 2016 in the Jioujiou Peaks Nature Reserve, the Nantou Forest District Office of the Forestry Bureau found that Oblong-leaved Eustigma had begun to bloom in the area.

The Forestry Bureau said Oblong-leaved Eustigma is a native low-medium elevation plant of Taiwan. Its special feature is the bright yellow style and deep purple stigma that create a sharp contrast and make the flower very eye-catching. In comparison to the obvious petals and calyxes on most flowers, the flowers of the Oblong-leaved Eustigma look fairly small.

With many low elevation mountain areas subject to development, the Jioujiou Peaks Nature Reserve retains a seed bank with great biodiversity and limitless life. In accordance with the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act’s stipulation, “changing or damaging the original natural state is prohibited in a nature reserve,” the Nantou Forestry District Office calls on people to stay out of the Jioujiou Peaks Nature Reserve unless official approval is gained in advance to preserve this area of wild land. Picking or cutting down of vegetation, as well as digging or other forms of damage, are also prohibited in the reserve. Offenders can be given a prison sentence, detained or fined.
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