Forestry Bureau’s marine conservation advocacy meeting successfully held

Not long ago, the killing of a protected Humphead Wrasse on the Green Island shocked all of Taiwan. On June 27, the Forestry Bureau specially staged the Marine Conservation Advocacy Meeting at the Green Island Library to enhance the consensus of local business operators, residents and visitors on the importance of conservation, and received tremendous response and support.
This advocacy meeting was attended by representatives of the central government agencies such as the Tourism Bureau of MOTC, East Coast National Scenic Area Administration, Fisheries Agency of COA, Coast Guard Administration and Taitung Forest District Office and local agencies such as the Taitung County Government, Taitung County Council, Green Island Township Office, Green Island Township Representatives Council, Green Island Fishing Association, various Green Island village offices and community development associations, and more than 60 locals. National Taiwan University professor Chen Chun-hung introduced various aspects of marine conservation and a strategy for the sustainable development of Taiwan’s marine ecology. Through overseas marine conservation and sustainable development cases, participants were given an understanding of the importance of marine conservation and sustainability and were shown the necessity of sustainable use of the island’s marine resources. Forestry Bureau Director Kuan Li-hao explained that Green Island has developed tourism for many years and most residents and business operators already understand the concept of environmental protection. He hoped that this meeting will make people attach more importance to ecological conservation. In the future, in cooperation with the Taitung County Government, Tourism Bureau and the National Scenic Area Administration, advocacy will be enhanced and signs erected. Residents also expressed a desire to be actively involved in conservation work and to patrol protected areas, and also expressed the intention of strengthening children’s ecological education so that conservation work sets down roots.
The Forestry Bureau calls on visitors to Green Island to help preserve the original state of the ocean when they are travelling or snorkeling, and to respect the animals and plants of the ocean, so that various ecological resources can be sustainably preserved.

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