Taiwan Pleione Nature Reserve



Date of Proclamation March 12, 1992
Size of Area (ha) 51.89
Primary Object for Protection Ecosystem of Taiwan Pleione
Scope of Administration Alishan [Ah-Li Mountain] Village – Chiayi County
Authority in-charge-of Chiayi Forest District Office

Historical Background

Being an internationally well-known wild orchid , it is often found on cliff walls of cloudy and foggy cypress or evergreen broad-leaved forests, mostly accompanied by moss. The plant is usually seen at a height of 2,300 meters on both sides of the railroad tracks of Alishan [Ah-Li Mountain] Min-Yueh [sleeping moon] line in great bunches.

Since the orchid is hard to cultivate, but enormously popular among gardening lovers as well as tremendous export market, there has been pillaging in the past, threatening its survival . The Council of Agriculture has officiated, on March 12th, 1992 the area as “Taiwan Mono-Leaf Blue Orchid Natural Reserve Zone” for its preservation and gene, while an exhibition area is set up around Min-Yueh [sleeping moon] and Shi-Ho [stone monkey] for visitors.

Geographic Location

The area is located at Alishan [Ah-Li Mountain] Village in Chiayi County, adjacent to the Alishan [Ah-Li Mountain] railway line tracks, about 5km from the railway station; in forestry management, it is found within the jurisdiction of “compartment No. 30”, Alishan [Ah-Li Mountain], Chiayi Forestry Administration.

Natural Environment

  • Temperature:Annual average 11.5℃ - 15.9℃
  • Climate:much rain in area, especially afternoon in the summer ; often overcast by cloud and fog ; being typical of heavy humidity .
  • Altitude above sea level:1,800~2,500 meters.
  • Geology: Rock stratum of the Tertiary period, formed during the Miocene Epoch; it consists mostly of fine to medium particles of sandstone and gravel in light blue and gray mixed with some shell rock. Taiwan Pleione usually grows steep on cliff walls, while soil is mostly grey pod; there is also under-growth on mountain ridges, where the soil is mostly stone pebbles.

Animal & Plant resources

Taiwan Pleione (Pleione formosana hayata) is a kind of perennial herbaceous plant, most grown in area of moist and cloudy air. The plant grows from a single leave and stem, with vibrant colors. Besides, it can be cultivated by  seed from sexual reproduction, or sprouting methods , while transplants can also done from the stem, being asexual reproduction.

Pleione formosana hayata is an evolutionary vegetation on the from the preliminary period, which once invaded of its habitat by other plants, its population will be reduced comparatively or even go extinct. . Since the growth of the orchid needs bountiful sunshine, it would often grow at vertical rocky cliff, and if hotbed is not renovated cleaned up, it will be supplanted by others.

Taiwan Pleione, prevalent in cloudy and foggy area, can be found among cypress, juniper, hemlock, oak, Yu-shan [Jade Mountain] bamboo & cowberry, while other rare plants of the area are Qian-chen-ta, Cha tree, and mahogany, etc.

Current Situation and Suggestion

Management, control & regular patrol are conducted to observe the growth of Taiwan Pleione. With monitoring system and sample area set up; monthly inspections by conservation staff will be conducted to record the shape and growth of the orchid, and set up long-term monitoring system to secure the survival of the orchid.

Besides dealing with pillaging , invasion and competition from exotic species are also to be taken notice of.

Transportation Conditions

One can take the Min-Yueh [sleeping moon] line of Alishan [Ah-Li Mountain] forest railway system.


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Protected Species within the zone

※ Others endangered species

紅頭山雀 (Aegithalos concinnus)
煤山雀 (Parus ater)
青背山雀 (Parus monticolus)
紋翼畫眉 (Actinodura morrisoniana)
白耳畫眉 (Heterophasia auricularis)
藪鳥 (Liocichla steeri)
冠羽畫眉 (Yuhina brunneiceps)
鉛色水鶇 (Rhyacornis fuliginosus)
栗背林鴝 (Erithacus johnstoniae)
火冠戴菊鳥 (Regulus goodfellowi)

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