Top 10 landscapes in Taiwan

Out of the 10 top landscapes in Taiwan, Yehliu received the highest grade for its diverse landscapes, and therefore it ranks No.1 of the 10 landscapes. Mt. Jade Main Peak ranks No. 2 for being the highest peak in East Asia and for its orogenic miracles. Sun Moon Lake best represents accumulation lakes in slumped basins, and ranks No. 3. Jinguashi ranks No. 4 for containing a large amount of volcanic lava with gold mines, and it used to be the largest gold mine in East Asia. Guishan Island ranks No. 5. It is the only and youngest live volcano that will erupt in the future, and the only oceanic volcano that appears on the ocean surface in the Okinawan Trough in the Pacific Ocean. Moon World Mudstone Badland ranks No. 6 with its diverse terrains and barren land. Situated on the second highest peak of Taiwan as the cirque terrain that remained from the glacial age, Snow Mountain Cirque ranks No. 7. Qingshui Cliffs are an extended boundary fault of continental and oceanic plates which formed a rare nearly 90% perpendicular cliff that ranks No. 8. Miaoli Sanyi Huoyanshan Nature Reserve ranks No. 9. It is a conglomerate badland. It was caused by rain cutting to form numerous typical deep and narrow valley terrains. The magnificent and grand Dabajian and Xiaobajian Mountains rank No. 10 and have the oldest and hardest sedimentary rocks in Taiwan, which formed towering peaks with surrounding cliffs.  
Rank Names of landscapes Locations
1 Yehliu New Taipei City
2 Mt. Jade Main Peak Nantou and Chiayi Counties
3 Sun Moon Lake Nantou County
4 Jinguashi New Taipei City
5 Guishan Island Yilan County
6 Moon World Mudstone Badland Kaohsiung City
7 Snow Mountain Cirque Taichung City
8 Qingshui Cliff Hualien County
9 Miaoli Sanyi Huoyanshan Nature Reserve Miaoli County
10 Dabajian and Xiaobajian
Hsinchu County

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