Dawushan Ecocenter

  • Dawushan Ecocenter


  • Founding Goal

    We are devoted to preserving natural resources and promoting community work.

  • Characteristics

    The center was officially opened on April 29, 2006 and is next to the Dawushan nature reserve. Out of all the ecocenters of the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency, it has the biggest land area. It is equipped with exhibition halls, conference rooms and guest accommodations. The center is a primary eco-tourism service platform in Jinlun. It is also an important environment education site that serve the school children of Taitung.
    Due to its proximity to Rukai and Paiwan villages, the ecocenter shoulders an important responsibility. We hope to continue to work together with surrounding aborigine communities to promote ecological travel and advocate preservation concepts, in the meantime promoting partnership with Jinlun’s communities.

  • Area intro

    The ecocenter is a four-story building. On the first floor are the service desk, aboriginal relics exhibition room, multimedia display room, and offices. 2F is equipped with an ecological exhibition room and ecological recreational area. 3F is the student dormitory, and 4F has a large conference room and a seminar room.
    Dawushan Ecocenter gives an in-depth introduction to local culture and the forest ecosystem of the Dawu nature reserve. It is a modern facility that hosts training and seminars. People can know more about the reserve’s purposes and functions here, and learn the founding story of the reserve. We hope to increase people’s environmental awareness and love for nature, in addition to gaining related knowledge. 


Opening hours 09:00~17:00, Tuesdays~Sundays
Closed days Every Monday (It opens on national holidays and make-up holidays), Chinese New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day. On June 1 to 5 and December 1 to 5, it is closed for maintenance.
Address No.35-2, Wenquan, Taimali Township, Taitung County
Tel 886-89-771-912
Management unit Taitung Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
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