International Meetings/Workshops/Activities

On September 2, 1996, the ROC and South Africa signed an "Agreement between the Republic of China and the Republic of South Africa on Technical Cooperation in the Field of Endangered Species Conservation." The agreement includes elements on law enforcement, privately held stocks, scientific research, training and other areas.

The WPU and relevant authorities of Vietnam are currently negotiated an agreement to strengthen their cooperation on law enforcement, technology and other areas related to wildlife conservation. In September 1996, a representative of the WPU conducted an undercover investigation in Vietnam and supplied information to local officers about illegal sales of bear parts. Subsequently, the Vietnamese officers seized illegal stocks of black bears, bear paws (with value of about US$30) and bear gall bladders (with value of about US$400).

From January to October 1996, representatives of Taiwan participated in the following international meetings or activities:
  • International Tiger Conference held in Thailand
  • CITES Standing Committee Meeting held in Switzerland
  • 1996 International Wildlife Film Festival held in the US
  • International Symposium on Protection of Black-faced Spoonbills in China
  • Second Conference on National Parks and Protected Areas in East Asia held in Japan
  • Symposium on Bird Research Exchanges Across Taiwan Strait held in China

From January to October 1996, Taiwan organized at least 22 international conservation workshops or activities, including:
  • International Children's Environmental Painting Exhibits featuring "Animals and Me" in Macao
  • Nine conservation and ecosystem photo exhibitions held in Germany, Hong Kong, Macao, Denmark and the Czech Republic
  • Second Symposium on Black Bear Conservation
  • Global Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Workshop
  • A wildlife conservation and management training workshop
  • International Symposium on Rare, Threatened and Endangered Floras of Asia and the Pacific Rim
  • 1996 Symposium on Inventory and Monitoring of Forest Biodiversity
  • Various agencies have invited experts from Germany, US and Japan to understand the state of conservation in Taiwan and make speeches on conservation or wildlife


Between January and October 1996, Taiwan donated US$305,650 to support the following international conservation activities and projects:
  • International Tiger Conference held in Thailand
  • Flying Tiger Project which aims at assisting anti-poaching projects in African countries
  • Roe deer reintroduction project in Israel
  • Friends of Animals' project entitled "Assistance to Niokolo Koba National Park, Senegal"
  • ICUN'S project entitled "Conservation Communication Programme of the IUCN/SSC"
  • Bear Symposium organized by the US WWF
  • Workshop on Edible-Nest Swiftlets organized by the CITES Animals Committee
  • Support for the environmental education program of the project entitled "Emergency Plan for the Rehabilitation of the Maputo Elephant Reserve, Mozambique" organized by the Endangered Wildlife Trust of South Africa
  • A project entitled "A Worldwide Network of Citizens and NGOs to Conserve Tigers and to Campaign to Reduce Medicinal and Other Uses of Tiger Products," a tiger homepage in the World Wide Web, which was submitted by a US University
  • IUCN SSC Cat Specialist Group's project entitled ''Current Distribution of Tiger Populations in East and Southeast Asia"- Supporting the CITES Asian Regional Meeting scheduled to be held from 9 to December 1996 in Jordan.
The international conservation grant program was launched to promote the establishment of partnership with non-government organizations (NGOs) and other government agencies around the world. It boosts the conservation collaboration with other countries, exchange of conservation technology and experiences, and the implementation of nature conservation work in Taiwan. Between 1996 and 2016, the grant program supported 355 international projects in over 47 countries throughout five Continents. Sponsored organizations include international NGOs, IGOs, government agencies, research institutes, local NGOs from various countries such as IUCN and its commissions/specialist groups, BirdLife International, TRAFFIC and so on. Projects concerning anti-poaching, endangered species conservation, habitat protection, and conservation promotion or education are eligible to apply. The grant already contributed in conservation work of a number of species including sea horse, sea turtle, sharks, Burmese star tortoise, black-faced spoonbill, lesser flamingo, scarlet macaw, pangolin, giant armadillo, scimitar-horned oryx, tiger, rhinoceros, European bison, wild water buffalo in India, gorilla, chimpanzee, elephant, Ethiopian wolf, among others.

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