Alishan Ecocenter

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  • Founding Goal

    Becoming a window of Mother Nature and an “umbilical cord” linking humans and nature. We provide the opportunities for people to know about the ecological beauty of Taiwan and experience Alishan’s biodiversity.

  • Characteristics

    The main building of the ecocenter was completed in November 1973. The area is 336 square meters. In the early days, it was a working station office in Alishan, and later became an employee dormitory. The two wooden Japanese buildings next to the ecocenter are the old afforestation working stations. They were renovated in 2006. Since 2012, it has become a part of the Alishan Ecocenter. We integrate the information regarding ecological preservation and nearby reserves, and provide exhibitions on ecology and nature preservation.
    Currently, parts of the exhibition space in the Alishan Ecocenter has been opened – The Alishan Salamander Story House and Pleione Story House. The two halls exhibit the salamander and the pleione’s ecosystems living environments, as well as the achievement of the Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency staff in long-term survey research and preservation work on these two species. The content is rich and lively, and very suitable for tourists to visit after seeing the sunrise at Zhushan Station.

  • Area intro

    Alishan Ecocenter is situated in the Alishan Forest Recreation Area. The site includes the Taiwan Pleione nature reserve and Tashan and Lulinshan Major Wildlife Habitats. The Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency staff members have participated in environmental monitoring and resource survey in the reserve for a long period of time. They also conduct habitat restoration for Alishan salamander and Taiwan Pleione. Over the years, work has been successful. In order for people to understand the importance of reserve habitats and species preservation, the theme for the story house is preservation of the species of Alishan salamander and Taiwan Pleione. We explain the procedures and results of the research work to visitors.


Opening hours 07:00~16:30, Mondays~Sundays
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Address No. 68, Zhongzheng Village, Alishan Township, Chiayi County
Tel 886-5-267-9755
Management unit Chiayi Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
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