Xuhai-Guanyinbi Nature Reserve



Date of Proclamation January 20, 2012
Size of Area (ha) 841.3
Primary Object for Protection Coastal zones
Scope of Administration Mudan Township and the coastal area south of Tawa River and north of Xuhai Village, Pingtung County
Authority in-charge-of Pingtung County Government


Xuhai-Guanyinbi Nature Reserve is one of the few natural coast and riverbank landscapes that is well preserved. The low-elevation pristine coastal forest ecosystem is its most unique feature, with many different crab species and geological landscapes that represent the geological evolution of southern Taiwan. In addition, the Alangyi Historic Trail in the area was an important path for the Pingpu, Seqalu, Paiwan, Amis aborigine tribes going back and forth between the Hengchun Peninsula and Taitung and has irreplaceable significance. On January 20, 2012, the Pingtung County Government established the reserve according to the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act.

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