Wuweigang Waterbird Refuge



Area( hectare ) 101.6194
Simple Description This Refuge, situated in the Suao Township of Ilan County, is one of the two largest migratory bird resting grounds in all of Taiwan.

Wuwei was formerly the outlet of Shinchen River. After Nading Hurricane flooded farms and destroyed estuary in 1968, the reconstruction of farmland moved the estuary to Tingliao outlet in the north and created source-less Wuwei. Within 20 years, the silt deposit has created a ideal marsh for wild ducks and Wuwei became the duck hunting heaven to hunters. The international research listed Wuwei as one of the main wetlands in Taiwan, thus Ilan County Wuweigang Waterbird Refuge was established in 1993 to protect the habitat for migratory waterfowls.

Today, the risen wood footway is Lined in the woods to leave the rest spaces to the nature.

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