Taitung County Haiduan Township Xinwulu River Fish Refuge



Date of foundation December 4, 1998
Area( hectare ) 292
Primary Object for Protection River fish and their habitats
Scope of Administration Haiduan Township, Taitung County
Authority in-charge-of Taitung County Government

Sinwulyu River contains abundant aquatic resources; the protected fish species include Scapheathes alticorpus, Hemimyzon taitungensis, and Spinibarbus hollandi. The mainstream of Sinwulyu River, Dalung River and Wulakusan River, has been preserved in the most natural form. The clear pool and riffle, various giant rocks, pebbles, gravel, and silt, and ample algae and aquatic insect create the best habitat for freshwater fish in Taiwan. Sinwulyu River is also the first locally established wildlife refuge in east Taiwan.

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