Tainan City Zengwen River Mouth North Bank Black-faced Spoonbill Refuge



Date of foundation November 01, 2002
Area( hectare ) 300
Primary Object for Protection Black-faced spoonbills and other birds and river mouth ecosystems
Scope of Administration Qigu District, Tainan City
Authority in-charge-of Tainan City Government

There are less than 1,700 Platalea minor existing in the world today, yet 800 are found in Zengwun. In October, as the northeast monsoon begins roaring, black-faced spoonbills that have completed breeding in Korean peninsula, begin migration to Zengwun Rivermouth for winter. They stay until the next March, and then head back to Korean peninsula for breeding. The Platalea minor often gather during the daytime, and part after the sunset for foraging. In Zengwun Estuary, the spoonbills can enjoy the vast wetland for rest and fish ponds and lagoon for food.

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