Li-jia Major Wildlife Habitat

Name Li-jia Major Wildlife Habitat
Primary Protected 
Forest Ecosystem
Area (Hectares) 1,022.36
Location Compartments 7, 9, and 10 of Taitung Working Circle for National Forest
Central Management 
Minisrtry of Agriculture
Local Management 
Taitung Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Date Established October 19, 2000
Li-jia Major Wildlife Habitat is located at Bei-nan Village, Taitung County. Quite rich natural resources and unique artifacts can be found in Da-ba-liou-jiou Mountain where the tribe of Beinan live and also their traditional hunting ground. All over the wildlife habitat, there are 301 species of vascular plants from 90 families.  Additionally, Li-jia Major Wildlife Habitat is also a good spot for bird watching. The survey showed that there are more than 128 species along Li-jia Forest Road, including a large number of Orange-belly tree frogs, amphibians, birds, reptiles, snakes, and mammals. The wildlife habitat varies in terrain from steep slopes, rivers, peaks, cliffs to caves and has various species of animals and vegetation.

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