Coastal Mountain Range Major Wildlife Habitat

Name Coastal Mountain Range Major Wildlife Habitat
Primary Protected 
Forest ecosystem
Area (Hectares) 3,300.59
Location Forest Compartments 41, 42 and 44 of Chenggong Working Circle & Forest Compartments 70 and 71 of Xiuguluan Working Circle, National Forests 
Central Management 
Minisrtry of Agriculture
Local Management 
Taitung Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Date Established October 19, 2000
Coastal Mountain Range, one of the five Mountains Ranges in Taiwan, is located on the East Coast. Coastal Mountain Range not only the paradise of wild animals, but also the main protected areas in Eastern Taiwan. The plants of the forest are separated into two types with 700 meters above sea level. One is tropical rainforest plant type, the other is subtropical plant type. It provides multiple wildlife habitat because of abundant plants. This protected area mainly protects stout Cinnamomum kanehirai. Recently, stout Cinnamomum kanehirai have been illegal cut down so that the quantity is getting fewer and fewer. For this reason, it promotes the conservation value.

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