Shuei-lian Major Wildlife Habitat

Name Shuei-lian Major Wildlife Habitat
Primary Protected 
Forest Ecosystem
Area (Hectares) 339.86
Location Compartment 142 of Lin-tian-shan Working Circle for National Forest
Central Management 
Ministry of Agriculture
Local Management 
Hualien Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Date Established March 13, 2001
The important habitat environment in Shuei-lian Major Wildlife Habitat in east coast area is one of the important wildlife habitats. The local landscape topography is very unique, and within a short distance range, the altitude increasing rapidly to 531 meter height of Shuei-lian Mountain looks steep from the sea level. And the vegetation varies dramatically along the altitudinal gradient. In adjunction with the effect of glacier slicing and erosion of powerful wind, resulted in many canyons and collapsed terrain. This region breeds very unique and rare colony of Phoenix hanceana and preserved the original broadleaf forest of east coast. In animal resources, there were 13 species of amphibians, 4 species of reptiles, 35 species of birds and 8 species of mammals been investigated and recorded between 1998-1999. Among those, protected wild animals are Bungarus multicinctus, Spilornis cheela, Leucodioptron taewanum, Urocissa caerulea, and Otus spilocephalus etc.

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