Tashan Major Wildlife Habitat

Name Tashan Major Wildlife Habitat
Primary Protected 
Forest ecosystem
Area (Hectares) 696.38
Location Forest Compartments 22-25 & 27-29, Alishan Working Circle, National Forests
Central Management 
Ministry of Agriculture
Local Management 
Chiayi Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Date Established May 17, 2001
Tashan is located in Alishan in Chiayi. It is the protected area in south central mountains in Taiwan. Tashan contains temperate climate and cool temperate climate, and plantation and primary forest. Therefore, there is a complete coniferous and broad-leaved mixing forest. Over the past few years, the primary forest in Alishan disappeared because of the cutting. After the natural formation of woods, the primary forest, with lush foliage and sturdy roots, is worth protecting. Fresh air and quiet environment attract a large number of wild animals, including endangered birds. There are many kinds of protected raptors, like Ictinaetus malayensis, Nisaetus nipalensis. Therefore, Tashan is the major habitat for wild animal.

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