Tainan City Sicao Major Wildlife Habitat

Name Tainan City Sicao Major Wildlife Habitat
Primary Protected 
River and swamp ecosystems
Area (Hectares) 523.848
Location This major wildlife habitat is divided into three areas. It is situated in Annan District, Tainan City, West of Provincial Highway 17 to the coastline. To the North is the Zhengwen River, to the South is the Yanshui River, and in the middle is the Luermen River. The three areas are the black-winged stilt breeding areas (A1 area, 54.6530 hectares), Beishanwei Water Bird Reserve (A2 area, 337.3052 hectares), Zhufagang Water Bird Reserve (A3 area, 131.8898 hectares)
Central Management 
Council of Agriculture
Local Management 
Tainan City Government
Date Established December 22, 2006
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