Yunlin Huben Fairy Pitta Major Wildlife Habitat

Name Yunlin Huben Fairy Pitta Major Wildlife Habitat
Primary Protected 
Forest ecosystem
Area (Hectares) 1,737.386
Location Forest Compartments 61-70, Alishan Working Circle
Central Management 
Ministry of Agriculture
Local Management 

Yunlin County Government

Nantou Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency

Date Established November 28, 2008
In early summer, when hearing the loud and clear sound of "hooyou, hooyou", one would know that Fairy Pitta is near. Once you capture some blue in a glimpse and follow its meander flying route until it rests, you would see a bird standing upright with pride as a fairy wearing its eight-coloured dress in the humid broadleaf forest. Fairy Pitta is listed as Vulnerable Species in the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species as well as a Rare and Valuable Species announced in Taiwan's Wildlife Conservation Act. Yunlin Huben is the largest known breeding site in the world for this small passerine bird feeding on earthworms and small insects. Fairy Pitta mainly spends the winter in Borneo, and comes to Taiwan for inhabitation and breeding between April and September every year. Their major habitats are artificial forests and some low-altitude natural forests.
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