Shei-Pa Forest Reserve

Date of Proclamation April 10, 2006. 
Size of Area (ha) 20,487.01
Primary Object for Protection Cedar primeval forest, Needle and broad-leaved primeval forest, Special topography, Glacier relics and Wildlife.
Scope of Administration Compartment 53-4 and 56~64 of Daan Creek Working Circle for National Forest and Compartment 76~84 of Mt. Ba-sian Working Circle for National Forest. Those compartments lie in Syei-Pa National Park.
Authority in-charge-of Taichung and Hsinchu Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Xue Mountain with an elevation of 3,884 meters is located in Miaoli County and Taichung City. Shei-Pa Forest Reserve at its altitude from 1,100~3,886 meters lies in the highest altitude of Taiwan, and the Xue Mountain of the area is the second highest peak in Taiwan. The Da-ba jian Mountain is located in the north of Xue Mountain, between Hsinchu County and Miaoli County, altitude above sea level is 3,942 meters. It has the title of "Great Peak of Century". The Ridgeline connecting two mountain is called "the holy ridgeline". There are dozens of peaks higher than three thousand meters scattering between these two mountains. Besides, the cirque landscape among them is the remains of glacial. The staggered valleys and mountains with the complicated topography are home to various animals and plants. In order to conserve, which has native forest of needle-broad leaf, wild animals, special terrain landscape and glacial remains, the Shei-Pa Forest Reserve was established. There are more than 918 species of plants found after initial investigation within this region. The climate here is cold temperate. The species are abundant and there are many precious rare species among them.

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