Jia-xian Sih-de Fossil Forest Reserve

Date of Proclamation April 10, 2006.
Size of Area (ha) 11.232
Primary Object for Protection Codakia tigerina, crab, Jia-sian Pectinidae, Pleurotomariidae, and shark teeth fossil
Scope of Administration Compartment 4 of Ci-shan Working Circle for National Forest
Authority in-charge-of Pingtung Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Sih-de Fossil Valley shares majority of fossils all over Jia-sian. Fossils in Jia-sian can be  dated back to Miocene Period and belongs to Mt. Guang-dao sandstone layer and also a minority of Nan-jhuang Layer. It is the main composite of the mountains in the southwestern region. The sandstone in Guangdao Mountain has a harder composition than other types of stones in the area, enabling it to withstand weather erosion. The fossils dug out in Jia-sian can be divided into 283 species. They are clams, scallops, fish, coral, acorn baracle, leaves, and hunting trails. A fossil museum was built to provide local people with an educational source on rock fossils. The area is actually ideal for an educational institution.

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