Guangshan Formosan Date Palm Forest Reserve

Date of Proclamation April 10, 2006.
Size of Area (ha) 54.33
Primary Object for Protection Formosan Date Palm
Scope of Administration Compartments 4~5, 12, and 25 of Guanshan Working Circle for National Forest
Authority in-charge-of Taitung Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Formosan date palm is an ancient species which has survived by natural selections over tens of millions of years. However, due to land development and deforestation, Formosan date palms are now sporadically distributed in Taiwan, with most of which grow in Guanshan Working Circle, Taitung County, where vegetation in primary succession dominates. This species favors dry environment with infertile soil, and grows in symbiosis with other pioneer plants, including Pinus taiwanensis, Liquidambar formosana, Fraxinus griffthii, and Lagerstroemia subcostata. Guangshan Formosan Date Palm Forest Reserve holds a pivotal status investigations with hanging numbered signs in ecology. According to the results of thorough investigations carried out by the government to monitor the distribution and growth of Formosan date palm for both research and conservation purposes, the forest is well-preserved with around 973 trees and plentiful seedlings.

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