Costal Range Taitung Cycas Forest Reserve

Date of Proclamation April 10, 2006.
Size of Area (ha) 38
Primary Object for Protection Cycas taitungensis
Scope of Administration Compartments 31 and 32 of Cheng-gong Working Circle for National Forest
Authority in-charge-of Taitung Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
The Cycas is a very ancient genus of trees belonging to a gymnosperm phylum with limited primary communities in the wilderness nowadays. To protect their survival, the Costal Range Taitung Cycas Forest Reserve was established in this warm and dry environment where weathered rocks abound. Slow ecological succession and broad barren land provide conditions suitable for Cycas taitungensis to thrive. As most of them grow on the slopes at elevation of 300 to 800 meters due to human interference, setting up this reserve helps monitor the population fluctuation and prevent the invasion of shade plants. Many mammals have been documented here, mostly Macaca cyclopis and Callosciurus erythraeus. And many birds have been spotted, among which Pycnonotus taivanus and Myophonus insularis are endemic species of Taiwan.
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