Dawu Taiwan Keteleeria Forest Reserve

Date of Proclamation April 10 2006.
Size of Area (ha) 5.04
Primary Object for Protection Taiwan Keteleeria (Keteleeria formosan Hayata)
Scope of Administration Compartment 41 of Dawu Working Circle for National Forest
Authority in-charge-of Taitung Branch, Forestry and Nature Conservation Agency
Dawu Taiwan Keteleeria Forest Reserve lies in the zone of humid temperate climate with an altitude which runs between 600 to 700 meters. The sign at the entrance declares the 5 hectares Forest Reserve belongs to the territory of Taiwan Keteleeria, which is a precious glacial relict plants. The diameter of 2 meters of the largest Keteleeria within the Reserve requires 4 people to embrace it fully. The special name of Keteleeria in Mandarin derived from the oil-like sap that exudes from its trunk when injured. The ever green Taiwan Keteleeria is an endemic species of Taiwan and its growth is extremely slow. Taiwan Keteleeria is usually the best chosen material for construction purpose because of its beautiful and dense wood texture. Taiwan Keteleeria, which scatters in Northern and Southern Taiwan, can be spotted more easily at ridge and windward slope rather than shadowed areas as Keteleeria prefers a growing environment flooded with sunshine.

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