Penghu County Mao Islet Seabird Refuge



Area( hectare ) 36.2042
Simple Description These Islets (Hua Ping shown here) provide a unique breeding ground for rare bird species. Additionally, the Refuge serves as a popular bird-watching venue for many eco-tourists.

Overlooking Penghu County Mao Islet Seabird Refuge from above, you can see two cat-shape islets on the ocean. The refuge covers two islets and its surrounding 100 m maritime space. The large islet is the highest location in Penghu archipelagoes with height of 70 m, and has a marine abrasion platform on the east side. The small islet is located on the east of the large islet, yet attracts few tourists because of its basalt formation and steep cliffs. Consequently, the small islet preserves complete natural resources, and provides terns a perfect habitat. Common noddy and bridled terns occupy 90% of the bird population on the small islet.

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