The Lishan Animal Train Is Back! A Collection of Super Adorable Wild Animals from Four Ecosystems Accompanying you on Your Journey

Do you remember the colorfully painted Lishan Animal Train that was launched for the first time last year? The first generation of Lishan Animal Train had eight animals that accompanied everyone on their journeys, and activated many children's learning about wildlife. This year, the Forestry Bureau, Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan and the Taiwan Railways Administration once again collaborated to create the "Lishan Animal Train 2.0". The "Smiling Train", EMU800 electric multiple unit train, has been painted with four ecosystems, including secondary forest, stream and river, paddy and wetland, and field settlement. Even more animals are on board to embark on the journeys to once again meander through the fields and forests, and tell their animal tales. As the conservation work of the National Ecology Green Network Project gradually fall into place, a bridge has also been built between nature and human lifestyle.
In order to regain the harmonious relation between people and the ecosystem, the LCD screens in the Lishan Animal Train carriages will be playing a series of wildlife habitat films, including crested honey buzzard, crab-eating mongoose, and forest beeshoney. In addition, the second carriage has been transformed into a "Mystery Carriage", so when the passengers get on the train, they will feel as if they are already in Lishan and surrounded by the cute animals, while adding fun to the journey, passengers will also gain conservation knowledge.
The Lishan Animal Train 2.0 is scheduled to launch on June 3, 2019. It departs from the Nangang Train Station in Taipei and heads south to Tongxiao. From 11:29 am on the same day starting from Taipei Station, tickets went on sale to the public. The train stops at Banqiao, Taoyuan, Hsinchu, and Zhunan station, arriving in Tongxiao at 13:43 (see Appendix 1 for the train timetable). The train officially joined the Taiwan Railways Administration's local train service from June 5th. In the future, it will mainly travel the Western Lines from Keelung to Chiayi, and Houli to Chaozhou. It will also cooperate with the various Lishan activities organized by the Forestry Bureau this year. If opportunity arises, services will be added on for the Hualien-Taitung region, so friends in the eastern region can look forward to the train.
In addition, in order to celebrate the launch of the Lishan Animal Train 2.0 and the 132th anniversary celebration of the Taiwan Railways Administration, the Railways Administration has specially produced a commemorative ticket package containing one "Taipei Station to Taoyuan Station Business Card-Type Local Train Commemorative Ticket" and one " Thin Paper-Style Commemorative Platform Ticket", which is available from 8:00 am on June 3 at Taipei's Nangang Train Station. Only 1,000 sets are available, with each set priced at NT$200 for the public to collect, until stocks last (please refer to Appendix 2 for the relevant commemorative ticket package sales information). The public is invited to come take a mini trip on the Lishan Animal Train, learn about wildlife and ecology, and share the concept of conservation with their family and friends.
The public is invited to ride the Lishan Animal Train and enjoy a journey of conservation and knowledge. Any follow-up information about the Lishan Animal Train will be posted from time to time on the "TW Forest Facebook page".
This news is published simultaneously with the Taiwan Railways Administration of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications Taiwan Railways Administration Contact Person: Stationmaster Chen Yi-ling, Nangang Train Station, Taiwan Railways Administration, 02-27838645
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